The DELFIE Challenge!

DELFIE is partnering with celebrities, social media influencers, and YOU to raise money for pet-related charities!

How to play.

  1. PICK A TEAM! Choose based on your favorite celebrity, charity, or how you found out about The DELFIE Challenge.
  2. DOWNLOAD DELFIE using your team's unique download link. A portion of the $1.99 cost of each app install will be donated to charity.
  3. USE DELFIE TO TAKE AND POST A PHOTO OF YOU AND YOUR PET. Have fun! You can even add text to support your team.
  4. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS by sharing your delfies on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just make sure to include your team's download link and the hashtag #delfiechallenge.

Whose team are you on?

TEAM ROSS - Ross Mathews

Download link:

Charity:  ASPCA

TEAM LISA - Lisa Vanderpump

Download link:

Charity:  Stop Yulin Forever

TEAM KATY - Katy Perry

Download link:

Charity:  SPCA International

TEAM BETTY - Betty White

Download link:

Charity:  Morris Animal Foundation

TEAM PAULEY - Pauley Perrette

Download link:

Charity:  Humane Society

TEAM AMANDA - Amanda Seyfried

Download link:

Charity:  Best Friends Animal Society

TEAM ARIANA - Ariana Grande

Download link:

Charity:  PETA


(These are our dream team leads. Not all celebrities have confirmed their participation yet.)

Want your own team?