DELFIE’s HearLook™ sound feature produces sound cues that emit from your phone’s loudspeaker. It’s probably obvious, but your dog can’t react to sounds if they can’t hear them.

Because of that, don’t expect your dog to react to DELFIE’s included in-app sounds when the TV is blaring, or you’re on a busy street corner, or other dogs are around. Instead, use DELFIE when it’s fairly quiet and you’re able to minimize other sounds and distractions.

In other words, make sure DELFIE is the most exciting thing in your dog’s environment.


DELFIE sounds are already played at your phone’s maximum volume. However, you can make them sound louder by bouncing the sound waves off your palm.

Just hold your the phone between your index and pinky finger, and sounds coming from your phone’s bottom loudspeaker will bounce off your palm towards you and sound louder to both you and your dog.


Since each dog is different, some may not react to DELFIE's in-app sounds. But most dogs react to their owner, so we included the ability for you to record your own!

Record yourself calling your dog’s name, whistling, or making another favorite sound. Your sounds will appear on your profile for other DELFIE users to hear and even “borrow” to use with their dog!

Remember to help us improve our in-app sounds by liking the ones that work best for you in Menu > Sounds.


Dogs react best to DELFIE sounds when they’re surprised by them. DELFIE is designed so that you can easily select sounds without playing them until you’re ready. Here's how.

  1. Frame your dog and you in the shot using your phone’s display.
  2. Select a sound icon from the sound slider.
  3. When you’re ready, touch the sound name to play it.*
  4. When your dog turns, touch the shutter (Short Shot).

* Alternatively, touch and hold the shutter to loop the sound, and then release it to take the photo (Long Shot).


Don’t forget you’re in the shot too! Make your delfies their best by remembering to look into your phone’s front-facing camera lens, not the display. Looking into the lens is the secret sauce of good delfies (or selfies for that matter).

Notice in the photos below how you connect much more with the photo on the right?

Set up your shot looking at the display but right before you release the shutter,  remember to look into the lens. It will probably take some practice, but your results will be worth it.

Don’t know where the lens is? On iPhones, it’s just to the left of the speaker as shown below.


DELFIE includes lots of fun photo editing tools but before you get creative,  correct any issues first.

  1. Orientation. Is there a body of water in your shot? How about trees or buildings? Before you do any other edits, rotate your photo so straight lines and other features are lined up as they are in the real world.
  2. Crop. DELFIE always takes full frame photos, so now is your chance to crop out any undesirable elements, or create focus by cropping to a particular shape. Remember that you can post any shape photo to DELFIE, but only a square-shaped thumbnail shows in the feed.
  3. Lighting. Is your photo too dark or light? Take a moment to correct the lighting so it looks more natural. Or do you have a black dog? Bump up the shadows so you can see it better.
  4. Color. Make your photos really pop or give yourself a healthy glow by increasing saturation or warmth. Be careful to not go too crazy on this one, or your delfies will look unnatural.
  5. Sharpness. The sharpness tool is great for making your delfies look crystal clear.